Calling young filmmakers and media mentors

This year at the USSF in Atlanta, Georgia Arts Engine will present the voices and visions of emerging and young filmmakers by holding a round table discussion with them and their media mentors who use media as a tool for social change. Take a look at our accepted proposal for the USSF
If you’re going to be in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday, June 28th (or if you know of emerging/young filmmakers who are going) join the round table discussion. These are the areas to explore:
1. What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
2. How did you connect and train with the media arts organizations that supported your work?
3. How did working with filmmakers and media arts organizations further your work?
4. How did you disseminate your work? And how did your work impact the communities you reached?
5. How did your work change your life, the lives of those in your communities?
6. What are the roles of media mentors when working with young filmmakers?
7. How does your role as media mentors further social justice?