Now it is possible for all youth to have a voice in mainstream media and become part of an international media co-op network.
Please forward this to any youth (under the age of 25) or youth organization that has something to say!
JULY Questions
Please submit answers by July 20, 2007
Please answer any or all these of questions. For each submission, please include your name, age, city state and country. We will use the e-mail on which you submit your answers to let you know if your response is included in the global story. Thank you!
1. Describe your typical breakfast. What time do you usually have breakfast, and with whom do you have it?
2. What do you feel is the most pressing issue for you in the world today? Why do you feel this way?
3. Are you optimistic about the future? Why or why not? Describe something that happened that made you feel this way.
4. Who do you feel is the most influential person in your life? Why? Give an example of why this person is important to you.
5. When you hang out with your friends, what is your favorite thing to do? How often do you do this? Describe what you do, and how much it generally costs.
Each month, Youth OUTLOUD! circulates FIVE questions to youth around the world who respond and submit their answers to Youth OUTLOUD! The best answers are compiled, edited and made available to major media and other youth-serving organizations to be run in their media outlet.
Even if an your answer has not been included in the final global story, it is can be included in a final localized version of the Youth OUTLOUD! story along with many answers worldwide – just ask your local paper to participate.

Gathers viewpoints of youth around the world, edits them into one story and sends it to media outlets in 150 countries