Calling All Youth/Youth Media Bloggers: Elections and the Youth Vote

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia and WireTap are proud to announce the first ever Youth Media Blog-a-Thon to be held on Wednesday February 20th.
We are calling all young bloggers (between the ages of 14-26) – along with any bloggers dedicated to writing about youth issues and youth media – to blog on Feb. 20th about:
Elections and the Youth Vote
Give us your opinion on:
• Why is the youth vote garnering so much attention this year?
• Data shows the youth vote increased in almost all states, is this something you noticed in your own state? What did it look like?
• What are the most important issues facing young people: Is it the war, the economy, immigration, education, health care?
• What youth voter education group is doing the best work?
• Is voting relevant? Do you feel disenfranchised?
• Much of the debate around the primary election focused on race v. gender – what was your opinion on this?
• Do you think a new leader will make a difference?
If you are interested in being a part of the Youth Media Blog-a-Thon, please email Neelanjana Banerjee at
About: This is the first of a series of monthly Youth Media Blog-a-Thons that aims to virtually connect the youth media community by asking them to respond to one topic and to engage with each other. We hope that these monthly events will foster more dialogue between youth media leading to connectivity as media makers and as activists.
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