WE LEARN: Call for Writings & Artwork

Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network
Women’s Perspectives #5:
A Journal of Writing & Artwork by Adult Learners
Women’s Perspectives #5: What Would You Do? Creative Ideas for Difficult Times will showcase original writings & artwork by adult literacy/basic education students across all levels. Student writers and artists are encouraged to reflect and to share your ideas on this theme.
What would a “better world” look like to you? What would you do to make this happen?
How do women leaders change the world?
What are the most pressing issues affecting women today?
And what would you do to address one or many of these issues?
In a position of authority or as a decision-maker,
what would you do to solve the big issues of the day where you live or work?
All submissions must be original writing or artwork by adult literacy/basic education students across all levels attending class or working with a tutor.
For more ideas about this theme,
see Pre-Writing Activities located at www.litwomen.org/perspectives
NEW! Writer’s Checklist
Coming Soon: Teacher’s ToolKit: Using Women’s Perspectives in Many Settings
DEADLINE to send material is DECEMBER 11, 2009.
For more information contact welearn@litwomen.org
Back issues are available.
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