Greater Boston Area | Part II • Volume 4 • Issue 2

Welcome to YMR’s second issue in 2010, documenting Part II of an evolving fantastic group of youth media educators that work in the Greater Boston Area.
While Part I investigated race issues, the divide between higher education and the community, partnerships with health providers, the use of graphic design as an important medium, and the lessons learned from a youth-led film festival, Part II emphasizes unique perspectives including art therapy, responses to Haiti, professional development for educators, and using youth media facilitation to improve overall non-profit organizations.
A warm thanks to all eight contributors for their dedication and hard work:
• Beth Balliro (RYMAEC, Massachusetts College of Art and Design)
• Chris Gaines and Paulina Villarroel (RAW Arts/Reel 2 Reel Program)
• Danielle Martin (Peace in Focus, MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media)
• Alan Michel (Home, Inc.)
• Beverly Mire (Terrascope Youth Radio)
• Jessica Moore (Teen Voices)
• Maya Stiles-Royall (Home, Inc.)
A special thanks to Christine Newkirk, senior program associate at AED who conducted the interviews featured in this issue.
The next issue of YMR will introduce News Literacy to the youth media field, alongside our first of a series of guest editors and experts.
We welcome you to join the conversation for each of these articles using YMR’s “comment” feature. You can also send feedback or comments directly to If you are interested in posting a pod or vodcast response, please contact YMR’s media crew or email
Ingrid Hu Dahl, Editor-in-Chief, YMR

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