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  • Can you Imagine a Better World? Can you Imagine a Better World?

    Can you Imagine a Better World? is an initiative of that will launch a series of start-up meetings areound the world the week of February 5-11, 2007. The project derives from three main points: 1. All over the world there are many people who share similar values, dreams, and challenges. 2. With all the […]

  • MySpace & YouTube

    MySpace & YouTube

    It was my mother who always said “sometimes you have to work within a corporate giant to plant the seed for change.” So, how does an innovative and web based site YouTube, now owned by the corporate giant Google, warrant spaces for social change? How can YouTube continue to be a free expressive site for […]

  • The Ultimate Bookshelf for a Youth Media Educator

    The Ultimate Bookshelf for a Youth Media Educator

    Over the past two years educators and administrators working in all mediums of youth media have shared with YMR the books, videos, and reports that have most informed and deepened their work. The following list is a compilation of these recommendations placed into six categories: media reform, youth work, understanding youth media in its academic […]

  • Rules of Attraction

    Rules of Attraction

    You can count on youth media websites to be packed with powerful, teen-produced content. But while a lot of time and effort goes into creating those radio snippets, videos, and articles, few youth media nonprofits have the budget to put as much energy into making their site’s design appeal to teens. Others hire web specialists […]

  • Cultivating a Field

    Cultivating a Field

    Rebecca Renard, co-director of the Educational Video Center (EVC) documentary workshop, cues up a 10-minute tape of her class preparing to make a documentary. Then she presses “play.” “Get into your group and brainstorm ideas,” Rebecca says onscreen. Aureliano, also on the tape, leans forward and says, “I think homelessness is definitely a problem for […]

  • next month (february):

    next month (february):

    How community partnerships, community-based research, and civic engagement can benefit youth media practioners and non-profit organizations in the field.