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  • Mapping Our Desired Futures Lesson Plan

    This lesson plan was developed for Free Spirit Media’s Pathways initiative, a professional and creative workforce development program that helps emerging creatives 18-25 years old develop careers in the media and film industries. The prompt was inspired by The Alliance’s 50 states Dinner Party Project, where youth media practitioners and participants from around the country […]

  • the future is a choir

    the future is a choir.   people, all of them hugging and housed with others who become home.   there is no war, for our differences are minor where our similarities are strong.   universal bonfire with singing and love and love and love and love. About the Author Ash Tré Phillips is a genderqueer […]

  • Mapping Our Desired Futures

    Author’s Note: In this article, I explore how I used the key inquiry of “What is our Desired Future” to inform program design, evaluation, and personal and professional development of the young emerging filmmakers in Free Spirit Media’s Industry Pathways program. Using the Mapping Our Desired Futures Lesson Plan, we explore how these participants define […]

  • Lesson Plan: Creative Lens Autoethnography Sessions (CLAS) Part I

    Goals The goals of CLAS are twofold: 1. To provide educators and youth workers with a lesson plan to use with teens and transitional-aged youth from marginalized communities to explore identity and personal narratives through autoethnographic research. 2. To provide youth from marginalized communities an opportunity to explore the topic of identity through the lenses […]

  • A Letter from the Special Issue Editor

    It’s 3:00 am and I’m still awake with anxiety. I’ve been piecing together the remnants of a fragmented vision all day, with no will to stop until those pieces create a completed puzzle. What will this journal look like? How will it make readers feel? What will readers get from it? How is it a […]

  • YMR Retreat Report-Out

      It is a pleasure to share this report summarizing conversations that took place at a retreat in September 2013 convened by the Youth Media Reporter’s editorial team.  The retreat, gathering together fourteen stakeholders from diverse youth media organizations and regions, occurred at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  The report, issued on the eve of a […]

  • Media That Matters 11  |  Call-for-Entries

    Media That Matters 11 | Call-for-Entries

    Opens March 1, 2011 In 2011, Media That Matters moves to the Fall! Submit your film for the chance to work with us in empowering communities working for social change. Let your film be the tool that affects hearts and minds, and supports collective struggle for a more just world. Hundreds of thousands of people […]

  • Letter from the Editor

    Letter from the Editor

    (VOLUME 5: ISSUE 1) For four years, Youth Media Reporter has documented stories of young people who discovered confidence, activism, creativity and who they are through the process of youth media. In this issue, my aim was to collect the personal testimonials of youth producers-turned-media educators regarding the impact of youth media on their lives, […]