Resource for Media Educators

The Common Language Project offers media literacy and production workshops in a variety of educational settings throughout the United States and Canada. Their curriculum varies according to educational level, and can be custom tailored to specific classroom needs.
For middle school and high school classes they cover basic media literacy, discussing the role of independent media in society and issues of diversity and ownership in media. They also offer trainings on basic multimedia production.
For undergraduate and graduate courses they cover multimedia production, the nuts and bolts of international reporting and web-publishing, and career development in independent media.
They provide workshops free of charge for public schools in Western Washington, and often ask for little more than the cost of transportation from other institutions.
CLP is traveling and may be in your area. Contact CLP to find out and to schedule a workshop.
To find out more, or to schedule a workshop, email:
About The Common Language Project:
The Common Language Project is a nonprofit online multimedia magazine and collective commmitted to covering underreported issue as well as teaching young people how to critically consume media as well as how to create their own content. The CLP offers free media literacy workshops in any public middle schools and high schools.