Our Mission

Youth Media Reporter (YMR) is the professional multi-media journal that serves practitioners, educators, scholars and youth in the field of youth media. YMR’s mission is to advance youth media by documenting, from multiple perspectives, insights and leading lessons in engaging young people in media making practices across a diverse range of forms, modes, and genres based on the principles of participatory action research. YMR explores the multiple ways that young people and adult allies create and use media to participate in and shape communities where they live and learn. YMR engages a variety of stakeholders to identify issues, pedagogies, opportunities and challenges of importance to the youth media field.

In an aim to serve the field, YMR through the Media Education Lab provides professional development for each contributor as they document and investigate their work, and those of their peers, through a rigorous editorial review process. YMR serves as a model to increase and share knowledge production, building an engaged and inclusive community of learners. YMR embraces current shifts in academic publishing that aim to democratize and make it more open, changes that align well with the goals and principles of youth media and participatory action research.

YMR’s Audience
Since its start in 2005, YMR has always sought a readership that includes professionals, leaders, practitioners, scholars and youth. The journal intentionally aims to disrupt the “researcher / practitioner” divide and is especially interested in articles from authors whose work expands our understandings of the shifting roles, identities, and relationships that emerge in the spaces of youth media. YMR is a forum to share information, reflect on work in the field, develop practice, explore new approaches and pedagogy, and recognize and value youth led social change. Recognizing that many youth media practitioners come from a variety of fields, YMR seeks to include multiple perspectives, topics, and approaches.

Yonty Friesem, Columbia College Chicago & Media Education Lab

Editorial Board
Andzongo Blaise Pascal, Eduk-Média (Cameroon)
Kasandra VerBrugghen, SpyHop (USA)
Emmanuel Vaillant, La ZEP (France)
Mary Grueser, Educational Video Center (USA)
Igor Kanižaj, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
Lauren McClanahan, Western Washington University (USA)
Usha Raman, University of Hyderabad (India)
Michael A. Spikes, Northwestern University (USA)
Devina Sarwatay, City, University of London (UK)
Mindy Faber, Convergence Design Lab (USA)
Ash Gopalani, MediaShala (Canada)
Lora Taub, Muhlenberg College (USA)
Mariana Ochs, EducaMídia (Brazil)
Virginia Killian Lund, University of Rhode Island (USA)
Cristina Nistor, Babes-Bolyai University (Romania)
Natasha Casey, Lincoln Community College (USA)