Submission Guidelines

Digital Media Projects

Youth media makers, researchers, practitioners, educators and advocates are encouraged to submit digital media projects for peer review. YMR aims to highlight youth media projects and to explore the diverse pedagogical approaches and partnerships that shape their construction. Our interest is to deepen understanding of the multiple dialogues within youth media practice and research and the uses of digital media in sustaining and expanding these dialogues. Audio and video files, streaming video links, and interactive multimedia projects are accepted. Proposals for digital media projects should be accompanied by a brief written summary that describes the material and contextualizes it within the field of youth media.

Research Papers and Reports

Authors may submit original research articles, descriptive case studies, or critical papers relating and contributing to the broad field of youth media. Although there is no absolute limit on length, shorter pieces typically range between 1500-2000 words, and longer research articles between 3000-5000 words. Submissions should include practitioner and/or youth voices, be well documented, and in a clear and engaging way that considers the journal’s crossover readership, including scholars, practitioners, policymakers, educators and youth media makers.


YMR also seeks brief reviews (up to 1000 words) of books, new digital media tools, technologies, and sites, as well as conferences and festivals relevant to youth media.

All submissions should follow APA Style guidelines.

For more information about writing for YMR and to submit to the journal, email our editor, Yonty Friesem