Call for Articles

We invite submissions that focus on a variety of areas, but especially welcome descriptive articles that help document and reflect on how the field of youth media is engaging young people in media making that deepens their awareness of and engagement in community issues that shape their experiences where they live, learn, work, and play.   The journal aims to provide readers with insight and understanding of the ways young people are learning to use media technologies to inform, challenge and share their perspectives on social issues of local, national, and global significance.

YMR is a peer-review journal with a broad and diverse readership in mind–practitioners, educators, scholars, advocates and administrators of youth media organizations and initiatives.  The journal is committed to bringing together both academic research papers and op-ed journalistic styles articles, alongside multi-media digital presentations, that inform and engage this variety of readers. The journal encourages papers from new practitioners and emerging scholars, as well as established, pioneering voices in the field of youth media.  We value equally contributions from youth media makers whose work, above all, brings this journal into existence.

The deadline to be considered for the November 2024 Issue is September 15.  Submissions for future articles are always open.

Please see our Submission Guidelines page for information on how to submit items to YMR.