Youth Media Educators Forum at NAMAC

At the NAMAC Conference “The Frontier is Here” in Austin, TX, a two-part Youth Media Educators Forum was organized to provide an opportunity for youth media educators to network, identify needs and interests of each attending organization, and discuss issues specific to the work of youth media educators.
The two part forum was sponsored by Youth Media Reporter, Global Action Project, Youth Media Learning Network and Listen Up!
Educators representing approximately twenty organizations across the U.S. (including Appalshop, Reel Girls, Twin Cities Media Network, BAVC, St. Paul’s Neighborhood Network, and Wide Angle) participated in open dialogue (similar to what Steve Goodman and Diana Coryat call for in the 2004 OSI white paper “Developing the Youth Media Field”), reflecting on emerging trends, updates and best practices, and face time with colleagues.
Topics ranged from the importance of inter-generational dialogue in the field, defining youth (teens of up to 25), online distribution, archiving material, incorporating more face time with other organizations, after school partnerships, art vs. technology, social and media justice, the role of the educator with youth producers, storytelling, making media accessible and translatable, and funding opportunities.
If you would like to be a part of organizing future Youth Media Educators Forums or start a forum of your own, feel free to contact me at