Youth Media Project Program and Education Director

Youth Media Project (YMP) Program and Education Director oversees programming, including the Audio Revolution! radio production team and educational programs. Applicant should be proficient in the teaching of: media literacy, interviewing, researching, audio recording, digital and social media skills, and creative writing (experience with narrative radio a plus). Also required is the ability to be flexible and work with diverse partner educators in Northern New Mexico schools, colleges and advocacy groups to adapt YMP program curricula to their specific needs. Program and Education Director must be organized to oversee the various strands of educational and production activities. YMP teaches the craft of digital storytelling for a socially responsible world; students learn how to develop their voices and produce narratives, commentaries, spoken word pieces, radio dramas, and panel discussions for distribution on the radio and internet and for presentations to peers and policy makers.
This is a part-time, contractual position. $25/hr x 20 hours/week, plus GRT.
If you’d like to apply for the position, please go to and explore what we do. Then send a resume and cover letter answering the questions below to
1. From your exploration the website and any other sources (interested in knowing what they may be) please describe what you believe is the purpose of Youth Media Project (in your own words, not ours) and how YMP fulfills this mission?
2. What are your particular qualifications, skills and experiences you believe will deepen and expand the work of YMP? Please, be specific and we welcome innovation and initiative.
3. What kind of impact would you hope to have on youth, both locally and globally (via the internet)?