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  • This Is Your Brain on Media

    This Is Your Brain on Media

    A recently released study by the Kaiser Family Foundation prompts USA Today to explore whether kids’ media multitasking affects their concentration, or even their brain development.

  • Kids on the Wire

    Kids on the Wire

    The What Kids Can Do website scans newspapers across the country daily to maintain a bulletin of current news highlighting the contributions of teens.

  • On a Mission

    On a Mission

    A marketing expert discusses how sharpening a youth media outlet’s mission prepares it to respond to national events.

  • Dear New York Times…

    Dear New York Times…

    An innovative teacher at Duke University’s Talent Identification Program turned 15 of his ninth graders into the most successful group of letter-to-the-editor writers in the New York Times‘ history. Read in the Duke Dialogue how Mark Duckenfield helped more than half of his students get published in less than a month.

  • Youth Media in the Media

    Youth Media in the Media

    The Columbia Journalism Review’s September/October 2004 issue ran two articles about youth media. “The Shooting,” by Rachel Morris, highlights a teen-produced film that won a prize at the 2004 Sundance film festival. “Crack Babies Talk Back,” by Mariah Blake, documents the impact on the mainstream press of a magazine written by teens who were once […]