About Youth Media Reporter

Youth Media Reporter (YMR) is the professional multi-media journal that serves practitioners, educators and academics in the youth media field. YMR’s purpose is to build the field by documenting, from multiple perspectives, the insights and leading lessons in engaging young people in video, film, television, radio, music, web, art, and print. YMR offers insight to the degree that young people and their adult allies use media to make a difference, address a point, enhance creative imagination, and match leadership with voice. YMR engages a variety of stakeholders to define issues, pedagogies, and challenges to the youth media field.
Incubated at Open Society Institute and managed by the Academy for Educational Development, YMR is a multi-media web journal that publishes 6-8 high quality articles every other month. In an aim to serve the field, YMR provides professional development for each contributor as they document and investigate their work, and those of their peers, through a rigorous editorial review process. YMR serves as a model to increase and share knowledge production, building a community of learners. Our articles increasingly uncover tensions within the field and spotlight youth media across the U.S. and abroad. YMR is currently funded by Open Society Institute, the McCormick Foundation, and paid subscribers.
YMR receives an average of 20,000 visits per month—a number that has been increasing by 1,500 additional visitors each month—and has over 2,000 subscribers to its monthly newsletter. The annual print journal is contracted with EBSCO, and in the near future JSTOR, databases (a resource to university libraries and public schools), broadening our audience and readership.
YMR releases on the 15th of every other month, publishing an average of 45 articles on-line divided into 6 issues per year.
Not Just a Web Journal | We do Print
Annually, the journal is bound in print form, which showcases 8-10 special feature articles unavailable online. The first volume of the print journal is available to download as a PDF online. All other volumes available via paid suscription.

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The annual print journal combines all web released issues with “special features” articles. These articles dig deep and broad within the youth media field. In 2008, 700 copies of YMR’s first annual print journal were sent at no cost—in order to introduce the publication—to approximately 60% academics and 40% youth media practitioners. We believe that YMR’s presence in academic environments will create career pipelines into the youth media field for college students interested in journalism, film, media studies, and related departments.
YMR’s Audience
Youth media professionals, leaders, and practitioners are YMR’s audience, which is expanding into new and intersecting fields nationally and around the globe. The publication offers media professionals a forum to share information, reflect on work done in the field, develop practice, ascertain new approaches and pedagogy, and celebrate youth led social change. Recognizing that many youth media practitioners come from a variety of fields, YMR includes all perspectives, viewpoints, and topics.
If you are interested in the lives and views of young people, this publication is a window into a dynamic field that reflects and reinforces the values of the media, arts, advocacy, activism, social justice, education, and youth development communities.
Through YMR, professionals in these fields can explore youth media as a way to strengthen their work, collaborate with youth and colleagues, and gain inspiration to use new strategies and perspectives.

In addition to housing the YMR publication, the website features:

  • Comment features for individuals to respond to, and discuss issues raised by, articles in each issue;
  • Ideas for building capacity and sustainability for organizations with youth, media, arts, social activism, leadership, and civic engagement;
  • Best practices, reflection, information, and research that can be used to bridge difference, begin dialogue, network between media professionals and youth media artists/activists, and to train staff and educate funders about the field;
  • Organization links, upcoming conferences, and documents related to, or reporting from, the youth media field.

    YMR’s Peer Review Board 2010
    YMR is guided by 12 peer review board members who divide into YMR’s Media, Marketing, Editorial and Executive “Crews.” These members are:
    • Sanjay Asthana, Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN)
    • Tom Bailey, Community Television Network (Chicago, IL)
    • Joe Douilette, Institute for Contemporary Art (Boston, MA)
    • Joellen Fisherkeller, New York University (New York, NY)
    • Judy Goldberg, Youth Media Project (Santa Fe, NM)
    • Antoine Haywood, People TV Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
    • Jamilah King, Colorlines (San Francisco, CA)
    • Janet Liao, McCormick Foundation (Chicago, IL)
    • Jen Maccerelli, Global Action Project (New York, NY)
    • Anna Tauzin, J-Lab (Washington, D.C.)
    • Elisabeth Soep, Youth Radio (Oakland, CA)
    • Lynn Sygiel, Y-Press (Indianapolis, IN)

    Many thanks to previous Peer Review Board members
    • Tim Dorsey, Youth Media Learning Network (New York, NY)
    • Tonya Gonzalez, DCTV (Washington, DC)
    • Lynda McDonnell, Three-Sixty Journalism (Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN)
    • Sara Melillo, McCormick Foundation (Chicago, IL)
    • Padmini Narumanchi, Reel Works Teen Filmmaking (Brooklyn, NY)
    • Minh Nguyen, VALA-NO (New Orleans, LA)
    • Rebecca O’Doherty, Appalshop, Inc (Whitesburg, KY)
    • Rashid Shabazz, Open Society Institute (New York, NY)
    • Katina Paron, Children’s Press Line (New York, NY)
    • Irene Tostado, Radio Arte (Chicago, IL)
    • Meghan McDermott, Global Action Project (New York, NY)
    • Lisa Tripp, School of Media and Youth Services, Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)
    • Kirthi Nath, BAVC (San Franscisco, CA)
    • Anindita Dutta Roy, iEarn/Pearl World Youth News (New York, NY)
    • Anna Kelly, VOX Teen Communications (Atlanta, GA)
    • Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Movement Strategy Center (Oakland, CA)
    • Sam Chaltain, Five Freedoms Project (Washington, D.C.)
    • Twa-le Abrahamson, Native Youth Media/Shawl Society (Spokane, WA)
    • Renee Hobbs, Broadcasting and Mass Media at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA)

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    Youth Media Reporter is funded by Open Society Institute and the McCormick Foundation

    Youth Media Reporter is managed by the Academy for Educational Development