theoneminutesjr network | Norway & Japan

The Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) joined theoneminutesjr network in to add user generated material for their weekly programme called fabrikken, which aires every wednesday from 16:30 – 17:00.
The programme is made for youth between 12-15 years old, who can participate in creating their own videos, telling theirs stories and joining the online community. NRK selected 150 one minute videos to broadcast.
NRK will also host its first oneminutesjr workshop, which will take place in Oslo with youth who are 12 years old and inetersted in learning more about video making. The workshop will take place February 20-22, 2007 were 15 teenagers are welcome to join. The videos will be broadcast in NRK’s programme fabrikken.
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Three one minute winners at tokyo video festival!!!
For the first time, theoneminutesjr network has been integrated in the tokyo video festival (tvf) an international video contest sponsored by jvc, meaning that a selected part of the videos send in to theoneminutesjr competition is also send in to the tvf festival.
Three one minute videos were selected out of the 100 prizewinning works for the 29th TVFby the judges who reviewed 3,491 submissions from 55 countries (841 from japan, 2,650 from other countries).
the three winners are:
dorin babeu with baby-trees (excellence prize)
sophie wagner with la mia familia (selected works)
marija jocic with black no sugar (selected works)