Popular Culture in the Classroom: Teach, Think, Play Conference 2007

March 24-25th 2007
Teacher’s College Columbia University
New York, NY
Explore ways to integrate popular culture into classroom curriculum and pedagogy. Includes keynote speeches on film, popular music, fashion, dance, video games, internet culture, and more.
Register: www.tc.edu/ceoi/teachthinkplay
Jan Jagodzinski is a Professor of Education at the University of Alberta who has written extensively on cultural studies and education. His presentation will explore Borat, Michael Moore and popular resistance (an edit of the longer title).
Renee Hobbs is a Temple University professor who runs their Media Education Lab. She has written many books about Media and Education including the newly published book Reading the Media: Media Literacy in High School English. Her talk “Gender, Gaming and Media Literacy” will focus on mypopstudio.com – an online initiative that gives students a behind the scenes look at the world of media culture and creation.
Taylor Mali is a four-time National Poetry Slam champion who has been featured on DefPoetry Jam and the film Slam. As former teacher, he runs an incredible youth poetry program in NYC and performs his poems to audiences around the globe.
Art Spiegelman was cool enough to invite his wife Fran├žoise Mouly to speak with him. Ms. Mouly has worked for thirteen years as The New Yorker’s art editor. Along with Mr. Spiegelman, the couple are publishing a series of Little Lit comic books this summer designed to teach kids to read. Mr. Spiegelman created the Garbage Pail Kids, won the Pulitzer Prize for his comic Maus, and has received international acclaim for his post-September 11 work In the Shadow of No Towers.
You may know Ice-T as a rapper and actor on Law and Order SVU, but setting his impressive accomplishments in those areas aside, we decided Ice would be an ideal speaker after seeing him teach rap to jr. high school students on VH1’s reality show Ice-T’s Rap School.