this month’s youth media professional

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is the technology organizer at Movement Strategies Center in Oakland, California. Sure, you can read his colorful bio on the MSC website here to learn that he is a writer, blogger, and networker. But what you may not know about Ibrahim is that he enjoys moleskin notepads, brooklyn, east coast snow; that he used to be a scholarship football player, was a founding member and host of an event called of Rudemovements at NYC”s APT.
Ibrahim rocks. He balances working as a youth media professional and producing events in the world of progressive music. The Rude crew has produced two albums on vinyl that are rare and well-received in the international underground DJ scene: Ibrahim was also a founding editor of Wentied magazine and regularly pitches, writes stories and recruits young activist writers for WireTap Magazine.
Read a recent article about Ibrahim’s projects: