Upcoming Grants

Teacher Trust Fund, AIRBORNE INC.
Grants ranging from $200-$10K will be awarded to teachers to support school art & music
programs. www.airbornetrust.com/grantapplication-action.aspx
Local Store Grants Program, TARGET.
Grants to $3,000 for nonprofit projects in the arts.
Learning in the Arts for children & Youth, NATIONAL ENDOWMENT
Grants up to $150K for projects both in & out of school that help children/youth (5-18) acquire appreciation/ knowledge/understanding of, & skills in, the
arts & must provide participatory learning & engagement of students with skilled artists, teachers, & excellent art, & ensure & application of national, state, or local arts education standards. www.grants.gov/search/search.do?oppId=12192&mode=VIEW
Tu Voz My Venture Contest, MTV TR3s & YOUTH VENTURE
Grants of $1,000 to groups of young Latinos that have new & creative
ideas for after-school programs, organizations, clubs, or other ventures
that encourage & help Latino youth graduate from high school & prepare for
college. www.youthventure.org/index.php?tg=articles&topics=388&new=0&newc=0&PHPSESSID=8692941b5d1f7d2fd360e34f450a6e69