An International Conference on Media

MEDIA: Overseas Conversations (IV) An International Conference on Media
May 31 to June 2, 2007 / New York City
This international conference provides an open forum for exploring media and youth culture. The conversations will accent the positive approach of providing young people with the tools they
need to take ownership of the media û as creators and as consumers. Media as a determining factor in the well-being of youth worldwide will be a strong focus of the discussions. Several panels will address Media Literacy and Media Ecology as contributors to the development of critical thinking skills.
Selections of new youth-produced media will be presented by: Listen Up!, Reel Teens Festival, Machinima and OETIÆs UNICEF Awards.
Panelists from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Japan, Mozambique, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela, and the USA will lead the conversations. Attendees will include media industry professionals, educators, students and the general public. Open conversations and discussion forums will explore: the extent to which internalized media images determine the perception of reality across cultures; the potential of media as socio-economic equalizer in
education; comparing media literacy education resources in diverse cultures; new technologies and social networking; contemporary uses of comics and graphic novels; cross-cultural perceptions of the role of media in formal education; and, an international perspective on the role of government policies and youth media.
Thursday, May 31st
The Museum of Television & Radio, (25 West 52nd Street)
Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd
Fordham University/Lincoln Center Campus (113 West 60th Street)
All panels and screenings are free of charge and open to all audiences.
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Organized by: The European Observatory of ChildrenÆs Television and Duende Pictures
In collaboration with: The Museum of Television & Radio and Fordham UniversityÆs Department of Communication and Media Studies.
With the support of: Listen Up!, The Center for Media Studies at Rutgers University, Reel Teens Festival, Media Ecology Association and The Chelsea Art Museum.
This conference is made possible with the support of:
Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Spain; Fundacio Jaume Bofill, Barcelona, Catalonia; ICIC/Generalitat of Catalonia; IORTV/RadioTelevision of Spain; TV3/Televisio de Catalunya and Catalunya Radio.
Outreach/Press Coordinator: Pat Tobin
Project Directors: Jordi Torrent and Valenti Gomez Oliver /
MEDIA: Overseas Conversations (IV)
May 31 – June 2 / New York City
All programs free of charge/ Please RSVP:
Thursday, May 31 – Museum of Television & Radio
(25 West 52nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue)
10-11 AM Screening: UNICEF Awards
Curator: OETI
4-5 PM Screening: Youth produced media
Curator: Listen Up!
6-7:30 PM Panel: International Perspectives on Governmental Policies and Youth Media
Victoria Camps, Audiovisual Commission of Catalonia, Spain
Jean-Franτois Furnmont, Audio-Visual High Commission, Belgium
Julieta Langa, High Council for Social Communication, Mozambique
Gloria Tristani, former FCC Commissioner, USA
Moderated by: Matteo Zacchetti, Media Program, European Commission, EU
Friday, June 1 – Fordham University / Lincoln Center Campus
(113 West 60th Street @ Columbus Avenue)
12-1:30 PM Panel: New Technologies and Early Childhood Language Development
Robert Albrecht, New Jersey City University, USA
Renee Cherow-OÆLeary, Teachers College/Columbia University, USA
Martin Levinson, New York Society for General Semantics, USA
Katherine Liepe-Levinson, Muse Educational Resources, USA
Moderated by: Margaret Cassidy, Adelphi University, USA
4-5:30 PM Panel: Comics and Graphic Novels in Contemporary Youth Culture
Michael Bitz, Comic Book Project, Teachers College/Columbia University, USA
Gerard Jones, author, USA
Benoit Mouchart, Angouleme International Comics Festival, France
Masami Toku, California State University, Chico / Shojo Manga Project, USA/Japan
Moderated by: Lance Strate, Fordham University, USA
6-7:30 PM Panel: New Media and Social Networking
Robert W. Kubey, Center for Media Studies, Rutgers University, USA
Robert Logan, University of Toronto, Canada
Vitor Reia-Baptista, Algarve University, Portugal
Bu Wei, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China
Moderated by: Mark Glaser, Mediashift/PBS, USA
Saturday June 2 – Fordham University / Lincoln Center Campus
(113 West 60th Street @ Columbus Avenue)
10-11 AM Screening: Youth produced media
Curator: Reel Teens Festival
12-1 PM Screening: Youth produced media: the Machinima Phenomenon
Curator: Carl Goodman, Museum of Moving Image
3-4:30 PM Panel: Media Literacy as a Core Educational Element Across Pedagogical Systems
Feny de los Angeles Bautista, Community Of Learners Foundation, Philippines
Patricia Edgar, World Summit on Media for Children Foundation, Australia
Victor Fuenmayor, Zulia University, Maracaibo, Venezuela
Renee Hobbs , Temple University, USA
Moderated by: Thom Gencarelli, Montclair State University, USA
5-6:00 PM Closing Remarks: Douglas Rushkoff, New York University, USA
For program information, please contact Jordi Torrent
Press contact: Pat Tobin