Seventh Annual Media That Matters Film Festival Web Launches!

The seventh annual Media That Matters Film Festival web has launched!
If you missed the premiere, log on to to watch this years sixteen innovative shorts by independent and youth filmmakers across the country and around the world.
The films will make you think, make you laugh and move you to take action. Read about upcoming screenings and events, ways to take action, and how to bring Media That Matters to your community.
Starts 05/31/2007 | Ends 05/30/2008
Issues include:
Economic Justice, Environment, Family & Society, Gay/Lesbian, Gender/Women, Health/Health Advocacy, Human Rights, Immigration, International, Media, Politics/Government, Racial Justice, Youth, Economic Development, Corporate Violations to the Environment, Environmental Preservation, Sustainable Agriculture, Transgender, Body Image, Sexual Harrassment, Violence against women, Death & Dying, Elderly, Immigration Laws, Migrant Workers, Refugees, Middle East, South America, U.S./Foreign Relations, Legal Reform, Racial Discrimination.