Youth Radio wins Top Honors at New York Festivals

New York, NY – The New York Festivals Radio Programming and Promotion Awards honored Youth Radio with several awards, including two unexpected prizes, at its gala on Thursday June 28, 2007 at Tribeca Rooftoop in New York, NY.
Youth Radio’s Race in Your Face entry won the festival’s highest honor – the Grand Award for Best Information Program in addition to a gold medal in the Social Issues and Current Events category. Race in Your Face also won the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI) Bronze Medal, which is awarded by the UNDPI and the New York Festival to “work that best exemplifies the ideals and goals of the United Nations.”
Youth Radio was one of only four Grand Award winners and one of only three UN award winners from thousands of entries worldwide. The award-winning stories explore race and racism in America. Pendarvis Harshaw’s “N-Bomb” examines the set of ideals and attitudes regarding the controversial N-word. Clare Robbins’ “Becoming Aware” explores how groups of young white people are separating themselves to talk about race. King Anyi Howell’s “The DNA of the Black Experience” details Howell’s personal experience being wrongly targeted by police.
Youth Radio’s Reflections on Return series, which features the perspectives of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq, won a finalist certificate. Richard Denny’s “Family Ties in Iraq,” is a perspective from a North Carolina soldier dealing with his experiences in Iraq and comparing them with those of his brother and father. Sophie Simon-Ortiz’s “Benefits for Military Marriage” looks at the rising phenomenon of soldiers and citizens making arrangements to get married for perks and convenience.
About The Competition
The New York Festivals Radio Programming and Promotion Awards recognizes the world’s best work in radio programming and promotion. Entries are judged by panels of radio experts from stations and companies throughout the world for their production values, organization, presentation of information, creativity and use of the medium.

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