Gender Equality Youth Festival

Brooklyn Hosts the Second Annual Gender Equality Festival
(July 28, 2007 * 11am – 6pm)
We can’t forget that we fight for gender equity because women have the right to be safe and respected, whether the violence comes from a national radio host or a teenage boy we pass on the street.
Girls for Gender Equity is proud to organize the Second Annual New York City Gender Equality Festival on July 28th 11am – 6pm at Von King Park in Brooklyn, NY. Featuring performances by artists including singer/songwriter Pamela Means, hip hop artist Carlethal, Women’s
Project theater group, and spoken word poets Urban Word NYC, the Gender Equality Festival is a free public event for education, networking, resource sharing, community interaction, arts and recreation that is open to New Yorkers of all ages and genders.
Over 70 community organizations will participate, offering workshops on a wide variety of topics – responding to street harassment, zine making, HIV/AIDS, self defense, youth leadership, online activism, responding to police violence, reproductive justice, and more. “NYC
must come together to let everyone know we will not tolerate discrimination or abuse against girls and women in any form, anytime, anywhere,” says Oraia Reid, co-founder of RightRides. In addition to the activities, free food and prizes will also be given out to those who attend.
For more information, contact Devon Claridge at 718-857-1393 or