letter from the editor (summer | volume 1: issue 7)

Letter from the Editor
Welcome to YMR’s Summer July/August 2007 (Volume 1: Issue 7) of Youth Media Reporter (YMR).
The theme of this month’s YMR issue is access and audience. Each article provides insight into ways youth media professionals and/or young people enhance the approach, technology, or depth of audience and accessibility of youth media.
The articles in issue #7 of YMR cover:
• New technology trends in ‘bicycling’ videos for national public access broadcasting;
• A practitioner and academic’s perspective on media literacy presented at the National Media and Education Conference;
• Best practices of mentoring young people in culturally sensitive topics;
• A youth-led initiative to increase distribution of videos from television to the internet to screenings in the local city of Baltimore, MD.
Also, check out our professional of the month Debra Koffler, the founder of Conscious Youth Media Crew in the bay area, and a recent addition to the Adobe Youth Voices project.
This summer has been filled with youth media conferences, dialogue and interactions with colleagues, and summer programming. If you are interested in writing an in-brief or a feature article about a youth media event, program, or challenge your organization has experienced or solved, contact YMR. We are interested in learning about you and your viewpoints
YMR has three more issues left in the year 2007 and will be releasing a print version of the journal with 8-12 “special feature” articles that investigate trends, issues, and challenges current to the youth media field early 2008. The next issue (#8) of YMR will come out on September 15th with October and November to follow.
Upcoming themes for YMR include showcasing youth media organizations in radio, print, and video, as well as continuing to highlight current opinions, tensions, and trends in the field. YMR will continue to feature diverse content, including voices from funders, global youth media practitioners, and neighboring fields.
If you would like to be published in YMR please contact me at idahl@aed.org. As always, we also encourage you to provide feedback or begin a conversation about any of the current articles, simply use the comment feature next to each article on the YMR website.
Ingrid Hu Dahl
Editor, YMR
Report from the field and make a difference!