Global Kids: Power of Citizenry Leadership Program

Global Kids would like to invite students to join our city-wide Power of Citizenry leadership program which meets at our office in Manhattan every Friday at 4:00pm. This program provides young people with the opportunity to learn about world issues, gain leadership skills, and work towards promoting peace and human rights.
By joining Global Kids, students have opportunities for travel, college assistance, and meeting youth from all five boroughs and other parts of the world. Our programs take place at our offices located at 137 E. 25th Street on the 2nd floor (between Lexington and 3rd Avenue).
If you would like more information on Global Kids, call us at (212) 226-0130, email us at, or please visit our website at Thank you

Global Kids’ programs address the urgent need for young people to possess leadership skills and an understanding of complex global issues to succeed in the 21 st century workplace and participate in the democratic process.
Global Kids’ success is clear. By educating students about international affairs and their role in the policymaking process, GK has been able to motivate and inspire urban public school students, many of whom have been labeled at risk of school drop out, to succeed in school and become campus leaders. Annually, more than 90% of the seniors in GK’s leadership programs graduate from high school and the majority attend college with scholarships.