Complimentary CD: Students Talk About Practice

What does it take to get really good at something? Are people experts because they are born with talent–or do they get to be expert by practice?
The question goes to the heart of achievement in every field, in school and in careers. Last spring, with support from the McCormick Tribune Foundation, WKCD asked three classes of Chicago public high school students to explore the answers through interviews and photographs.
The students looked for ordinary adults who had special mastery in a field, and asked them questions about how they gained their skills. And because many students also have expert skills, they talked to us about that. What inspired them to put in the time and effort to acquire them? Could they see any connections between their out-of-school interests and their academic skills?
We have created a CD from the project that includes:
–the narratives and photographs that resulted from students’ interviews with adults
–an audio-slideshow of students reflecting on practice
–curriculum overview of WKCD’s process in developing this project.
IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COMPLIMENTARY COPY, please email us at Please include your mailing address and a word about yourself.
With good wishes,
Barbara Cervone, President