Calling all Youth/Youth Media Bloggers!

Participate in the Seventh Youth Media Blog-a-Thon
Topic: Getting Grown During a Recession
Building on the success of 2008’s virtual events, YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia and WireTap Magazine are proud to announce our sixth weeklong Youth Media Blog-a-Thon to kick off on May 13th.
We are calling all young bloggers (between the ages of 14-26) – along with any bloggers dedicated to writing about youth issues and youth media – to blog from May 13th to May 20th about: “Getting Grown During a Recession”.
We want to know what it’s like for young people to come of age during one of the worst economic downturns in U.S. history. What is like to search for your first job. Go to college? Share new family responsibilities?
Here are some ideas to address in your blog posts:
*Are you looking for a job? Describe your experience, and how does it compare to your past experience looking for a job?
* Are you graduating from school? Are you nervous about entering the job market? Explain.
* How has the economic recession affected your future plans? College? Etc.
* Have you gone through any major changes in your life recently? Involving, friends, family, work, personal life. How have you coped with these changes?
* As a high school student, while applying to college did you pick a major taking into consideration which fields pay the most money? Why or why what?
* As a college student, do you feel your degree will help you get a job in today’s job market? Why or why not.
* How has your community gone through any major changes? Were they positive or negative?
* Do you think Obama’s presidency has changed your community, the nation, and the world’s perception of America since his election? Why? Why not? Explain.
If you are interested in being a part of the Youth Media Blog-a-Thon, please email Eming Piansay at epiansay @
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