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Journalism That Matters Mid-Year Gathering
“Create or Die: Forging Communities that Initiate, Innovate, Incubate”
June 3 – 6, 2009 | Detroit, MI
Wayne State University – Journalism Institute for Media Diversity | St. Andrews Hall
How are we going to reshape journalism so that it engages and serves all people and communities? Initiative, innovation, incubation. For three days in Detroit, some 150 or more people will work at the intersections of journalism, technology, community and diversity to answer our convening question — with action. We’ll share innovations and ideas already in process in the new media landscape, inviting entrepreneurs to showcase and further develop their work over a one-year cycle. Bring your project idea to a focused, three-day gathering of results-driven journalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, technologists, bloggers, videographers, funders, venture capitalists, artists and educators to discover, assess, shape and create new enterprises and new approaches to journalism in a digital age. We’ll learn about Detroit’s changing economy as a metaphor for the change and opportunity dogging journalism.
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NAMAC Pre-Conference | National Youth Media Summit Report-Out
August 26, 2009 | 2:30-5:00 p.m. | Boston, MA
Emerson College, Multi-purpose room | 150 Boylston Rd
National Youth Media Summit
August 5-7, 2009 | Lake Forest, IL
McCormick Foundation & The Academy for Educational Development
Tribeca Film Institute: Our City My Story 2009
May 1, 12pm, 2009 | Manhattan
Every year, hundreds of NYC students pick up cameras and tell their stories. Our City, My Story is Tribeca Film Institute’s annual celebration of the incredible vision, excellence and diversity of New York City youth-made media. Students from all five boroughs continually create powerful films–each exploring a unique perspective or take on the city they live in. By presenting the year’s most exciting youth-made media, this special curated program gives a voice to the best of NYC youth work during the Tribeca Film Festival. Large audiences are welcome.

MIT Project New Media Literacies Spring Conference: Learning in a Participatory Culture
May 2, 2009 | Cambridge, MA
At NML’s May 2nd conference, we will share our new web-based learning environment, the Learning Library, and host a series of conversations and workshops about the integration and implementation of the new media literacies across disciplines. Workshops include “The Complexities of Copyright: Shepard Fairey v. the AP,” “Mapping in Participatory Culture: Boundaries,” “Using Wikipedia in the Classroom” and many others. Henry Jenkins’ closing remarks will address the future of NML and participatory democracy.

New York City Grassroots Media Conference: Hope to Action
May 30, 2009 | New York City
Co-Sponsored by the Film and Media Department at Hunter College, CUNY
The enthusiasm that mobilized the public for the historic 2008 election campaign ignited the hopeful hearts of a country at a crossroads. As a powerful spark of grassroots organizing swept through the country, the world witnessed our nation wield unprecedented power by voting for large scale social change. This momentum offers our communities an unprecedented opportunity to act as critical agents in charting the road forward. But even as we celebrate this victory, uncertainty looms ahead. Many of us have lost our jobs, our insurance, and our economic stability; many of our independent media producers and social justice organizations face diminished financial support and increasing barriers. In these challenging times, how can we build a stronger media network that ensures the visibility of our communities’ voices, images and stories?

Alliance 2009 National Conference: Community Media at the Crossroads
July 15-18 | Portland, OR
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The 11th Annual Allied Media Conference
July 16-19, 2009 | Detroit, MI
The 11th annual Allied Media Conference will be held July 16-19, 2009 in the McGregor Conference Center (495 Ferry Mall) on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit.
The Allied Media Conference is the central project of the Allied Media Projects (AMP) network, which emerges out of ten years of organic relationship-building. Since the first conference (then the Midwest Zine Conference) in 1999, people have been compelled by the concept of do-it-yourself media. Later, as the Underground Publishing Conference, the emphasis was on building a movement of alternative media makers. With the shift towards Allied Media, the AMC has attracted more and more people who are interested in using participatory media as a strategy for social justice organizing.

2009 NAMAC Conference
August 26-29, 2009 | Boston
NAMAC and the Center For Independent Documentary will co-host the Boston Conference. Further information will appear in NAMAC’s electronic newsletter, website, and special announcements in the coming months, so stay tuned and mark your calendar.

“Claiming the Digital Divide: Perspectives on Global Youth Media & Social Change”
A panel held at the Academy for Educational Development
Thursday, May 8, 2008 | 100 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor New York City
12:30-2:00 p.m. Light refreshments provided.
Claiming the Digital Divide aims to bring together youth media educators, academics, graduate students, and leading practitioners to discuss global and local youth media as it relates to social change and the field.
On a daily basis, young people enter and engage in dialogue about real issues affecting their lives with other young people using technology. There is energy in such virtual networking and information sharing and when expanded more globally, has the power to affect young people in ways that enable them to connect with international issues and social change. This is provides young people with a chance to connect around the globe—without ever having to head to the airport with an over-priced ticket.
Youth media organizations have created important pathways for young people to create global alliances, share commonalities in a local and global sphere, and gain access to new forms of technology. Such techno-social bridging addresses issues at the heart of youth media: access, global relationships, and young people’s critical role in addressing local and international issues. We invite you to engage with the following panelists:
“Comparing Notes – U.S. and Colombian Youth
and Community Media Practices and Challenges.”
by Diana Coryat, Founding Member of Global Action Project and recent Fulbright Scholar to Colombia.
“Global Youth Dialogue in Virtual and Networked Spaces”
by Shawna Rosenzwieg, On-Line Educator, Global Kids
“Telling Stories of Self: Learning about Race, Gender, Nationality and the Structure of Urban Schooling through Youth Produced Videos”
by Allison Butler, Ph.D. Media Studies & High School Media Teacher.
“Global Youth Journalism in a Web 2.0 World: New Opportunities and New Challenges”
by Anindita Roy, Director of Membership and Youth Media Programs, iEARN.
“Ideas on Inclusion: New and Old Media Tools in Youth Alliance Building”
by Chelsey Hauge, Graduate Student in Media Studies, The New School & Graduate/Media Intern at Youth Media Reporter.
Along with the audience, panelists will explore the various ways young people use media technology to connect locally and globally across traditional lines of difference (race, gender, sexuality, and geographical location).
Claiming the Digital Divide will include topics that range from:
-the ways media is used to create alliances and international youth communities; and/or how youth access and connect to new media devices and spaces (social networking, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc);
-how adults/academics can collaborate with young people in new media environments;
how young people virtually enter and engage in conversation about real issues affecting their lives;
-alternative media communities;
-the intersections of race/gender/nationality in youth media making; and
-international youth media exchange.

The National Media Education Conference (NMEC): iPods, Blogs and Beyond: Evolving Media Literacy for the 21st Century
June 22-26th, 2007 | St. Louis, Missouri
NMEC 2007 will bring together educators and media literacy practitioners to share their work and learn from each other. Attendees include leaders, teachers, education researchers, public health professionals, youth workers, technology experts, media producers, and others.

Pens of Power
August 4th, 2007 | Boston, MA
Connecting young teen writers to consider taking their writing to the next level in journalism and career pathways.

NAMAC: The Frontier is Here
October 17-20th, 2007 | Austin, TX
The Frontier is Here will highlight individuals and collaborations that have fostered innovative arts projects (in both traditional and digital environments), the growth of independent film, artistic and community-based applications of emerging technologies, the democratization of creating and connecting to content, the evolution of digital copyright, and the value and importance of community-based media and visual arts centers.

Journalism That Matters
August 7-8th, 2007 | Washington, D.C.
The Journalism that Matters Consortium and The Media Giraffe Project invites you to spend a day and a half in both structured and open dialog on these and other questions at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Aug. 7-8, 2007. Join this convening of editors, publishers, writers, researchers, academics, students, entrepreneurs, public advocates, independent and “citizen” journalists intent on defining and launching “The Next Newsroom” using open dialogue, break-out task groups and circle-round sharing of ideas and solutions.