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YMR News Literacy Issue (Volume 3: Issue 3)
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Report: State of the Youth Media Field
This report seeks to provide a recent snapshot of the youth media field and underscore the urgency for youth media organizations to work together, especially at a time when there is a growing need for youth media and the changes it can effect.
It is derived from conversations with youth media practitioners in the United States who attended a National Youth Media Summit in Lake Forest, IL in August 2009. In addition, it builds on many other reports and research, especially a 2004 white paper, “Developing the Youth Media Field: Perspectives from Two Practitioners,” and Open Society Institute documents capturing the state of the youth media field.
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Youth Media Timeline
The Youth Media Timeline compliments the State of the Youth Media Field Report, and reflects the contributions and insights of the youth media practitioners, researchers, funders and producers who attended the 2009 National Youth Media Summit. The timeline was designed by Carly Rounds of the AED Social Change Design team.
You can download the Timeline here.
National Youth Media Summit Official Report Out
The Official Report Out was distributed at the NAMAC Pre-conference event at Emerson College in Boston, MA, on August 26, 2009. This document summarizes the goals and outcomes of the 2009 National Youth Media Summit in Lake Forest, Illinois. Highlights include the full list of issue area strategies developed by the Summit working groups, key take-aways from the summit, and key youth media resources.
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2009 National Youth Media Summit Working Paper
The Working Paper was distributed to all participants of the 2009 National Youth Media Summit that took place in Lake Forest, Illinois, from August 5-7. This paper provides an introduction to the goals of the Summit and a framework for the Summit’s six working group issue areas.
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Youth Media Sector Survey Results
This document summarizes the findings of the 2009 Youth Media Sector Survey. This document was distributed to all participants of the 2009 National Youth Media Summit that took place from August 5-7, 2009, in Lake Forest, Illinois.
Download the survey here.
Youth Media Fellowship
Youth Media Learning Network, Application deadline May 25th, 2007
Download the Fellowship PDF
Investing in Youth Media: A Guide for Grantmakers
Open Society Institute, 2007
Download the Guide for Grantmakers PDF
Youth Media’s Impact on Audience and Channels of Distribution: An Exploratative Study
Open Society Institute, 2004
Download the Explorative Study PDF
Youth Media Evaluation Toolkit
Open Society Institute & Surdna Foundation, 2005
Download the Evaluation Toolkit PDF
Youth Video in Focus
Educational Video Center, 2007
Download information for obtaining copies of Youth Video in Focus PDF