YMR Video Gallery Launch

A unique strength of YMR is that it is a resource that can bring together diverse voices from across the field and across a variety of practices to exchange ideas and contribute to the continued vitality of the youth media sector. Since our re-launch last year and ongoing, we think frequently about how to build upon this strength and contribute to the development of a collective voice.

Inspired in part by the youth media gallery curated for the NAMAC/ACM 2014 National Conference, we began to think of the new YMR website as not only a site for reflecting on youth media practices, but also as a site for sharing the wide array of youth media artifacts and products, the viewing of which is in itself an opportunity for reflection. Using the Huzzaz platform, we are proud to announce the launch of the YMR Video Gallery, a central space on the YMR website to collect and distribute films produced by young people in youth media programs across the country: http://www.youthmediareporter.org/videogallery/

This gallery allows us to bring together films and voices from a variety of perspectives and practices, and it invites youth and youth media programs into conversation with one another’s work. If you’re interested, for example, in films on gender equality, you can visit the gallery page, find the gender equality category and watch films reflecting on this theme in a variety of ways, informed as each film is by the unique contexts in which it was developed. 

We believe that a centralized space for sharing and accessing each other’s work is a useful tool for the field, and we would love to hear your thoughts on how to optimize this utility.

Help us build the gallery and presence of youth media artifacts on YMR.  Please send YouTube or Vimeo links to adalton@muhlenberg.edu.