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  • The Story

    Author’s Note: I began writing this piece last year when I got the news that a girl I knew had died of an overdose. Years before her a popular kid in the area, he was a few years older than me, was stabbed to death during a fight. A few months before I began writing […]

  • The Past

    My History is alive in my skin, Dancing across my pores like sweat, oil, melanin.   My History is in my hair, In my eyes, Sparkling as I absorb the new world around me.   The life of my History may die. It’s in the hands of a man who doesn’t even know The history […]

  • Fire Burn Gold

    Words to inspire the future the next generation desires and creates. My mom used to say “each time you go through fire, like gold, you become more pure.” She would say that to me after another encounter of challenges in my young adult life, whether from a friendship falling out, another racist or objectifying remark, […]

  • Lesson Plan: Are Teens Age 16 and Older Ready to Vote?

    Author’s Note: As a teenager, I was one of those political junkies who read the newspaper daily in my high school library, surrounded by a small knot of likeminded peers. So yeah, not the coolest, but definitely the most informed. I would have given anything to be able to vote at 16, especially since I’d […]

  • Lesson Plan: Creative Lens Autoethnography Sessions (CLAS) Part I

    Goals The goals of CLAS are twofold: 1. To provide educators and youth workers with a lesson plan to use with teens and transitional-aged youth from marginalized communities to explore identity and personal narratives through autoethnographic research. 2. To provide youth from marginalized communities an opportunity to explore the topic of identity through the lenses […]

  • Mock Identity

    This post is part of a series submitted by Gabriella Huggins, Community Programs Mentor at Spy Hop in Salt Lake City, Utah. The four posts in the series — The Window, Mock Identity, CO2, and Dancing with Thorns — are all created by youth from Spy Hop. Gabriella offers a perspective on the series that […]

  • Using Play to Envision New Narratives

    Author’s Note:   A few years ago, after reading Peter Gray’s 2013 essay, The Play Deficit (cited below), I was so reminded of my own childhood learning through play that I felt obligated to discuss the article with my closest childhood friends, with whom I’m privileged to still have as integral part of my social […]

  • Mapping Our Desired Futures

    Author’s Note: In this article, I explore how I used the key inquiry of “What is our Desired Future” to inform program design, evaluation, and personal and professional development of the young emerging filmmakers in Free Spirit Media’s Industry Pathways program. Using the Mapping Our Desired Futures Lesson Plan, we explore how these participants define […]

  • A Letter from the Special Issue Editor

    It’s 3:00 am and I’m still awake with anxiety. I’ve been piecing together the remnants of a fragmented vision all day, with no will to stop until those pieces create a completed puzzle. What will this journal look like? How will it make readers feel? What will readers get from it? How is it a […]