Challenging the Silences and Omissions of Dominant Media: Youth-led Media Collectives in Colombia

Diana Coryat, Global Action Project
The purpose of this article is to introduce scholars and practitioners of youth and community media to exemplary youth-led media projects in Colombia. It highlights case studies of two media collectives led by Afro-Colombian and Indigenous youth, who are producing media under difficult conditions fueled by war, violence and poverty. This article explores the following questions: how do oppressed or marginalized groups in Colombia use media to challenge the invisibility of their social and political identities, perspectives, and struggles in the media and public discourse? And, when they do receive attention, how do they challenge the dominant narratives that circulate in the mainstream media and public discourse about their communities? Thirdly, as Colombia is embroiled in an internal armed conflict, what are the challenges they and other mediamakers face within that difficult context?
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