Spotlight on Native Youth

In Pawnee, Oklahoma, more than 85 Pawnee and Native youth participated in the NVision Tour youth event at the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma over the Memorial Day weekend.
Actor Casey Affleck, a star from the upcoming film “Ocean’s Thirteen,” and an international TV Series “4 Real” arrived to cover the multi-media, arts, music and cultural event designed to promote leadership development for Native youth and young adults. The innovative Native youth event was organized by NVision, a national Native non-profit organization and affiliate project of the Seventh Generation Fund.
NVision is comprised of some of the country’s leading young Native professionals and visual and performing artists.
Workshops led by NVision trainers not only gave Native youth a taste of basic skills in multi-media and visual and performing arts but also focused on the importance of celebrating Native identity, history, language and culture through contemporary and traditional forms of artistic expression.
NVision trainers emphasized a message to Native youth of the importance of wellness, empowerment, leadership and the ability to successfully “walk in two worlds.”
NVision hopes to take the NVision Tour to reservations and cities nationwide in the coming year. The non-profit organization is currently fundraising and seeking sponsorships for the NVision Tour. For more information contact 303.886.3859.
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