On June 1st 2007 MediaSnackers had its first birthday.
MediaSnackers was born early 2006 during a conversation between DK, founder, and one of his mentors about young people, technology and the changing nature of project development. DK realized that young people were “media snackers”—a simple definition of their generation that demonstrates the evolving media landscape, media ownership and a rise in online platforms.
MediaSnackers provides an opportunity to highlight the great work of youth media projects, professionals and the important discussions taking place across the globe on youth media. As DK describes, MediaSnackers is “a simple digital window (weblog) into the current new-media “snacking” youth generation.
Fifteen minute MediaSnacker vodcasts provide an opportunity to focus, highlight and recognize media projects and professionals, showcasing individuals and current work in the field across the globe. Half the content in these monthly vodcasts are created by young people—who also contribute to weblog posts. In an attempt to connect the field, promote its advantages, and actively create vodcasts to inspire dialogue and virtually “meet” youth media professionals, MediaSnackers is a great resource to the field.
MediaSnackers will host their 1st conference in 2007 to bring those all too often separate discussions on the impact of young people on shaping the media and the impact of media on shaping young people under one roof for two days. As DK explains, “The MediaSnackers conference will offer a place to connect, promote learning, enable understanding, and offer experiences through inspiring interactive sessions.”
To “pay the rent,” MediaSnackers also delivers new media and technology training to young people, youth professionals and corporations. As DK explains, “The need for MediaSnackers training is due to the vast and constant changes in the fracturing media landscape coupled with the prevalence of how young people are using converging technologies and online platforms. Program developers, youth-focused organizations and policy creators are realizing they are playing catch-up and need a little help to guide them through.”
MediaSnackers has a growing profile with over 2,400 subscribers to their monthly email digest (sign up here), 40,000+ unique visitors a month, and have nearly a hundred podcast interviews and several vodcast episodes available.
DK is interested in featuring youth media professionals and organizations on the MediaSnackers weblog, podcast interviews or their monthly vodcasts. Contact DK at and visit MediaSnackers if you are interested.

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