Three YO-TV Documentaries

Three YO-TV Documentaries are getting showcased in NYC. All three films were made by Youth Organizers Television (YO-TV), a core program of the Educational Video Center, a non-profit youth media organization dedicated to teaching documentary video as a tool for social change and as a means to develop the artistic, critical literacy and career skills of young people.
Still Standing provides an intimate portrayal of the challenges faced by Hurricane Katrina survivors six months after the storm. Diana is a single mother looking for housing, employment, and the chance to reunite with her children. Ms. Gertrude is a determined grand-mother struggling to return home and rebuild. Her son Bilal’s post-Katrina experiences in New York City drive him to become politically active. 50 minutes.
Alienated: Undocumented Immigrant Youth about Licia, a determined young woman from St. Vincent who commutes from Brooklyn to New Jersey to work as a nanny for $4 an hour. Meanwhile, anti-immigrant groups rally around lobbying efforts that seek to impose ever harsher policies and to “protect our borders.” Alienated examines what it means to be young, able and ‘illegal’ in America. 8 minutes.
All That I Can Be follows William Solomon as he enlists in the United States Army in the fall of 2003. His story offers an intimate portrait of a young person making his way in a society in which joining the military seems to be the best or only option. All That I Can Be explores the economic draft and the promises and realities of the U.S. military in post-9/11 America. 8 minutes.
Contact Jen Meagher, YO-TV’s Director of Marketing & Community Engagement for more information.