3rd International Youth Media Summit

Media Education Centre invites organizations, schools and other institutions working with media to nominate two young media enthusiasts 15-22 years old to participate during August 20th to 27th in Belgrade, Serbia. The young participants must be candidates as Student Filmmaker and Student Diplomat.
This Summit will continue the work started in 2006, and will incorporate changes based on last year’s feedback from the first (Los Angeles) and second (Sydney) Summit. One of these changes will be a greater emphasis on developing media production skills. Also, the student delegates will be broadcasting on a daily basis via Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio, internet Radio, podcasting and vodcasting…
We are asking those countries with the ability to raise the necessary funds to provide their own airfare to Belgrade, Serbia. Any funds raised by 3rd IYMS organizers will be used to pay part of airfares for delegates from economically disadvantaged regions, or countries facing humanitarian challenges.
* All delegates must be 15- 22 years old being represented by a recognized media program at a school, arts and/or cultural non for profit Non Government Organization. (We are looking for delegates who will continue to advocate, addressing Summit issues locally, regionally, nationally and internationally at all times.
* Student delegates will need to complete their initial assignments and submit them to 3rd IYMS organizers.
* You will also need to fill out an application. On the application, you will find directions for those requesting financial help for plane fare.
* Adults wishing to take part in Summit 2008 should fill out an application and address the professional capacities in which they can mentor/supervise students.
* Please start to research what you will need to do for a visa to Serbia, and the timeline.
* To insure that the Summit can cover some expenses: a registration fee of $300US (€220) is required per participants upon their acceptance.
Please note that 3rd IYMS will provide local transport within the Belgrade Airport and Youth Hostel situated at the centre of Belgrade, Training and Facilitation by industry professionals as well as accommodation including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the duration of the summit.
At the moment we have applicants from: Armenia (2); Australia; Austria; Bangladesh; Canada; Croatia; Georgia; Germany; Ghana; Greece; Israel; India ; Japan; Kenya; Italy (2); Liberia; Mexico; Montenegro; Nepal; New Zealand; Palestine; South Africa; South Korea; Serbia (2); Slovenia; Sweeden (2); The Netherlands; UK; UK Scotland; USA (4)…..
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any more information. We are looking forward for friends, presenters and sponsors of the 3rd Summit in the year 2008.
Yours truly,
Miomir Rajcevic
3rd Summit Coordinator