Call for Research: Youth Media

Next month IssueLab will be focusing on Youth Media and Research. Mindy Faber, a leading practitioner in the field will be serving as their very first guest editorialist – culling the nonprofit sector for research and analysis on this vibrant yet somewhat under-studied topic.
Over the last few decades, the proliferation of low cost digital media production tools has given rise to an expanding number of after-school programs that use digital media to engage young people in art, organizing, journalism, citizenship and leadership development. The explosion of this new media is redefining how youth learn, create, and participate in the public sphere.
Although the issue of youth and their relation to the media is taking on a new sense of urgency among educators (from IssueLab’s point of view), policy-makers and social researchers, research on the topic is still difficult to find. This is why we asked Mindy to serve as a guest editorialist for Issuelab’s March edition of the CloseUp.
If you are a noprofit and are doing work in the field of youth media and the new digital networked public, please register at IssueLab today:
IssueLab’s Youth Media CloseUp will include research on the following topics:
Copyright and intellectual property in a digital age
Global and youth development through media
Digital learning and education, formal and informal approaches
Communication rights of youth
Media literacy and citizenship
The role of youth media in social justice movements
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