Youth Channel All-City: Mapping the Media Needs and Interests of Urban Youth

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to announce the on-line publication release of “Youth Channel All-City: Mapping the Media Needs and Interests of Urban Youth.”
In 2008 and 2009, the MNN Youth Channel along with a team of academics and youth researchers worked together to design and implement a citywide Community Needs Assessment (CNA). The primary aim of the CNA was to render visible and to understand the media needs and interests of New York City youth as well as to collect feedback for the “Youth Channel All-City” project, an initiative to create a youth-dedicated cable network for New York City and beyond.
Through focus groups, roundtable discussions, an online survey and individual interviews with youth, parents, youth media practitioners, educators, and other interested constituencies in New York City, the CNA collected information on media and community issues surrounding urban youth. I am excited to share with you their ideas and input. Their voices reveal not only what kind of programming they would like to see but also how passionate they feel about the work they engage with through youth media organizations.
Please visit our website, to access a copy of the report. I am sure you will find it not only engaging and powerful but also relevant as we move into the 21st century media and education landscape.
Isabel Castellanos
Director of Youth Channel
Manhattan Neighborhood Network